Frequently Asked Questions About babyclip

What is

BabyClip is an online shopping guide for new parents. To help new parents navigate the overwhelming world of baby products, BabyClip lists out popular products carefully selected by experienced moms and lets our users add their reviews of the products. No more digging through multiple baby product websites to filter through the overwhelming list of products. Users visit and can discover what products are popular in each category and save the items they want into their own wishlists.  Users can also add their own clips to the site if they want to share a product that’s not currently on the site with others.

What can you do with BabyClip?

a. Set up your baby registry with popular items recommended by our users

It is very easy to add a clip to your wishlist. Simply click on “Want it” button and select the list you want to add the clip to. That’s it! The clip is then saved into your own baby registry. You can then share the link with friends and family. Best of all, the items can be from different websites so you won’t be stuck with products from just one store.

b. Discover what other parents(including your friends) have used and liked

No need to dig through product reviews at the different websites. At you could see what products other parents (particularly your friends) own, read their comments and go to the product website directly to purchase, making your baby product research process so much easier!

c. Share your opinions about the products with others

You can share your reviews of products by adding a comment to a clip. And if you don’t see something that you already own and love on our site, you can add your own clip to the site and thus shared with all BabyClip community.

What is a clip?

A clip is an image added to BabyClip site. A clip can be added from a website using the BabyClip button, or you can upload images from your computer, or you can simply add to your list by clicking on “Want it” button on an existing clip on the site. Each clip added using the BabyClip button links back to the site it came from.                 

What is a List? How do I create a new list and edit it?

A list is a set of clips. A list can be created on any topic, such as baby registry, gift ideas, or simply a wish list for your kids. You can add as many clips to a list as you want.

You can allow others to add clips to your list by adding them as “Contributor” to the list. instruction of installing “BabyClip” button is on this page. Simply drag the “BabyClip” button to your bookmark bar and you are ready to go!