5 Essentials Gears You need to prepare For Your Newborn Angel

So the wait is over, and you have blessed with a little angel. You are excited, super excited and what not. Now, it’s time to pile up the essential accessories for your newborn. Walk through any store, and you will see hundreds of newborn accessories. Not sure what gears do you need for your baby?

Newborn doesn’t need any high-end accessories but there are some basics that you need to keep handy when your little angel comes home. We are here to help you prepare the essential gears for your baby. Let’s read:

Pile up the Accessories

Make sure that you are prepared with all the essential accessories for your newborn as the bibs, clothes, feeder, and diapers. Prepare yourself with everything from feeding your baby to changing his nappy. Here are some essential gears you need to prepare for your newborn kid.

Clothing gears

Keep yourself prepared with all the clothing stuff or your baby, obviously seasonal clothes are a must. For babies, even the laundry detergents are different from normal. Take a pen and make a list of clothes that will be required.

    • Easy pajama’s sets- to help your baby stay comfortable.
    • The blanket is the must, keep an extra as well.
    • The romper is kind of cool yet comfortable cloth.
    • Summer baby will need loose yet cool clothes.
    • Winter baby will need socks, undershirts, sweaters and soft caps.

Make sure to keep all these items with you to avoid any suffering at the time of delivery or later on.

Nursing room gears

Make nursing room adorable yet comfortable for baby. It is, actually, the charm of a new stage of life. Here are the things you will need for nursery room.

A video monitor for baby
A video monitor is another essential for anyone. They give Mom’s the option to watch baby when they are in another room. This monitor is the most popular monitor recommended from our Mom experts.
  • Baby monitor – to keep an eye on your baby.
  • Nightlight (must be soothing)- because babies are afraid of darkness.
  • Crib and cradle- You will need a crib for your newborn unless you decide to make your newborn sleep with you.
  • Soft mattress- babies are always comfortable at soft crib mattress.
  • Dresser should be a must.
  • Comfy chair.


Okay! So it’s time for diapering the baby. Handle it with politeness. Babies are way too sensitive than our imaginations. Keep enough diapers for your baby because newborns have frequent urinate, and wet diapers can make them cry hard, rather, they can get sick if not changed at a proper time. Keep the check and balance of whether your baby is dry or not. Diapering is all about hygiene, keep a good lotion with you to apply on baby’s bottom after changing the diaper. Make sure that baby is comfortable with the lotion/cream you use and do not switch to other product if the one you are using works fine for your baby. Few essential things that you need to diaper a baby are:

    • Diaper bag – keep all the diapering accessories in the bag.
    • Diaper cream – a soothing cream helps your baby to remain protected from diaper rash.
    • Soft clothes – if you are using clothing to diaper your bay to keep him rashes free.
    • Extra clothes – for an emergency situation.
    • Baby wipes for cleaning your baby’s bottom after changing his diaper.
    • A table or sheet to change the diaper.

Bath Accessories

Make the bath time fun and happy for your baby.  Babies love the sound of water and enjoy taking bath. But where are the safety measures? Here are some essential accessories that you may need to bath your newborn.

    • Good baby shampoo- normal shampoos are not a good choice for babies because they have sensitive skin.
    • A bathtub- to make the bath time fun for your newborn
  • Baby bath tub
    Bath Tub – Babies need to have their own bath tubs and these make it a breeze to bathe the little ones.


    • Soft towel- to wipe your baby after a bath.
    • Gentle hairbrush.
    • Head cap- to avoid contact of shampoo with eyes.


Feeding is a continuous procedure and all depends upon hygiene level. Here are the things that you will need for feeding.

A Safety Kit for baby
A Safety Kit – This is a must have essential for all new babies and has all the necessary tools to take care of your newborn
    • Sterilized bottles with nipples– sanitization is must to keep your baby safe from germs and diseases.  
    • For breastfeeding nursing bra is essential.
    • Formula milk– if your baby is not comfortable with breastfeeding, use a genuine formula feed for him after consulting with your healthcare provider.
    • Nursing pillow-these help you to remain comfortable during feeding your baby.
    • Pumps for breastfeeding to allow other caregivers to take the feedings.
    • Bottlebrush- to sterilize feeder gently.

You may keep some extra gears with you according to your preference. Keep the gears ready and have a great time with your little angel.

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