About BabyClip

About BabyClip

When our founder Tao was pregnant with her daughter, she found that the process of choosing baby products was overwhelming. Being a new mom, she had no clue what products she should get. There are so many things in different categories with so many different brands, what is the best for my baby’s and my needs? Sure, there is the Baby Bargains book which she read page to page, but that’s just one editorial voice. What about other moms’ opinions? Sure, you can go to Amazon.com, Babies R’us website and find the top sellers or read product reviews, but the process is very time consuming, and you are limited to products offered by each site you visit.

With her engineering and product management background, she felt compelled to create a website that not only lets you discover what other moms use for their kids, what products people rave about, but also be able to collect ideas to your own wish lists easily – such as setting us a registry. Thus BabyClip was born. With pinterest-style page design, the site is very easy to navigate. Other than products, we also list some DIY ideas and awesome tips to help you save money and make parenting experience more fun!

We all know how busy and stressful life is being a parent, BabyClip’s goal is to be your ultimate shopping guide when it comes to baby and kids products so you can spend your valuable time playing with your kids rather than looking for something they need!

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Tao Yang – Founder

My Mommy Experience: I am a new mom with a beautiful toddler girl and I am enjoying every moment of being a mother. The journey of being a mom has not been particularly easy for me, but I try my best to overcome all the difficulties and all the odds that’s against me.

Although encountering no issues during my early and mid-stage of pregnancy, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening pregnancy complication with 1:16,000 odds of appearing and has extremely high fatality rate.  Luckily my daughter was delivered healthy. And after extended hospital stay in both ICU and maternity with a few more bumps on the road to recovery, I finally went home ok.

Just when I finally recovered from the delivery trauma, shortly after my daughter turned 6 months old, she started having seizures on daily basis and was diagnosed with a rare (1:14,000) epilepsy syndrome in infants that is considered  “catastrophic childhood epilepsy”. I was devastated to learn that “child with this condition is threatened with a very poor developmental outcome. Unfortunately, the majority of children are going to eventually be found to be cognitively impaired, and most will continue to have other seizure disorders later on.”. Needless to say, those were the darkest days of my life. However, I found that there is a small percentage of children with this condition can still develop normally in the long run after seizures stop. So I started actively seeking experts advice in multiple prestigious hospitals and did intensive researches. I worked closely with the doctors who were treating my daughter. After many tests and trying different medications over months, my daughter’s seizure finally came under control and she has been making progress everyday ever since. She may not be completely out of the woods yet but we are staying positive and pray everyday that she stays strong and healthy. She is now a happy toddler busy exploring the exciting world around her.

Every parent wants the best for their child. I realized how hard and time-consuming it is for new parents to find baby products during my own product search experience, so I built BabyClip website to help busy parents find baby products easier and make the process more fun.

My Professional Experience: I am an Engineer by training, worked as a software engineer at Cisco in my early career, then I worked in various business roles in product management and business development. I am always passionate about startups and co-founded two startups before (one Internet media device company and one mobile marketing company for chain restaurants). I have an Electrical Engineering degree from Tsinghua University in China and an MBA from Northwestern University.  

If you ever have any questions about BabyClip or just want to share your mommy experience with me, feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Katherine Sullivan – Content Marketing & Community Manager

My Mommy Experience: I am a mom to a beautiful 4 year old daughter and a handsome 2 year old son. Before I became a mom, I had visions of being the perfect parent and determined exactly what I would and would not do. After one small week of being a Mom, I knew that was an unrealistic goal and instead of following the perfect “Mom Rules,” I needed to just be a Mom. A Mom that goes with the flow and does what works best for my family. I’m a Mom that celebrates every holiday, no matter how small. I’m a Mom that cuts my daughters sandwiches into fun shapes and writes her notes to leave in her lunchbox. I’m a Mom that wants to be the best that I can be and most importantly, I want my children to know how much I love them. Becoming a Mom has given me purpose and has given me motivation to be better, work harder, and dream bigger because that’s what I want for my children.

My Professional Experience: I am a former Financial Services Professional who changed my career to become a stay at home Mom. I obtained an Associate’s Degree in Business earning Deans List and Highest Honors for my academics. I continued my education at William Jessup University, graduating Summa Cum Laude as a Psychology Major and Bible and Theology Minor, also recognized with the Outstanding Student Award for recognition of my dedication to my school and community. To treasure my life as a Mom, I started a blog at Irish Italian Blessings where I share my journey of laughs, crafts, product reviews, and stories of my blessings. After the quick success of my blog, my passion for networking led me down the social media marketing path where I have been able to use my education and creativity to develop successful marketing strategies to help other businesses maximize, learn, and navigate the waters of social media. I love making new connections so feel free to email me at [email protected] and say hello!